The Advice Trap

The Advice Trap is the much anticipated companion book to The Coaching Habit, the best-selling coaching book of the last 20 years, with 600,000 copies sold and 1000+ ★★★★★ reviews on Amazon.


The Advice Trap lands on February 29th. Written in Michael Bungay Stanier's practical, "no fluff" and engaging way, it gives you hands-on ways to:


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    I’ve been totally stunned and delighted about the success of The Coaching Habit. Truly, it’s been beyond my wildest imaginings. Over the last number of years my company Box of Crayons has worked with over 100,000 leaders, managers and individual contributors to help them be more coach-like. Here’s what I mean by that:


    Turns out, to do this it takes more than just knowing the seven questions from The Coaching Habit. Because most of us are advice-giving maniacs. We love it. Somebody starts talking, and within about 10 seconds we want to “add value” to the conversation by sharing our ideas, opinions and insights. It’s an old, deep habit.

    The Advice Trap is all about tackling the AGH: our Advice-Giving Habit. And that means taming your Advice Monster.

    If you’re thinking to yourself, “Yeah, I have an Advice Monster…” then you’re going to really love the new book. So if you haven’t already done it, sign up to get bonuses and early-bird notices of when the book is available.


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